Amend the Pain Capable Bill to Protect all Children . . . EQUALLY!

Pro-lifers are encouraged to speakout for the "voiceless" by calling upon their Republican representatives and national pro-life organizations to work toward ending legalized abortion without compromising the foundational principles on which the pro-life movement stands.

To the Members of the US Senate:

"Because we believe that a) Science does not discriminate; a child conceived in rape or incest has no biological difference than any other conceived human life and b) children conceived in rape or incest feel the same pain as all children of a similar stage of in-utero development, and c) that children before 20 weeks of development deserve equal protection under the law, and d) , the word of God does not lie - to save the one is as important to God as to save the 99 (Matthew 18:12),

Therefore, we, the undersigned, ask the Senate to amend the Pain-Capable Bill and remove the deadly rape and incest exceptions and add equal protection for all pre-born children.

Until such time as these changes are addressed, we cannot support this bill."